His charisma and engaging delivery were only overshadowed by the rich content of his presentation. Students found him to be real, relevant, and respectable.
— Nir Saar, Principal Mumford High School
Dr. Heiber humbly came and spoke to us about his past and how it has helped him become who he is right now. His story really touched me because he is an example of life. Life doesn’t always go your way but it’s how you try to change it and make it better that counts.
— Maya Fidele Benoit, Student, Lincoln University
Dr. Heiber’s presentation was moving and inspiring. He is a real life example that rehabilitation is possible with him heading down the wrong road and being able to turn back around.
— Kayla Brown, Student, Lincoln University
Personally, I LOVED Dr. Heiber’s presentation. Not only did he know how to come at us in a way that caught and most importantly kept our attention, he spoke the truth. His story was inspirational in a way that he wasn’t feeding us a sob story or asking us to feel bad for him. He told us just how things happen in real life which showed me that you really can go from rags to riches with a lot of hard work!
— Amanda Parks, Student, Lincoln University
I thought Dr. David Heiber was a powerful speaker. He was real and I like the fact that he had his audience’s attention the whole time. I give him respect for telling us his life stories and how he changed his life around. I can relate to him because I never finished high school and I did things in my life that I wasn’t proud of. I really felt his speech when he mentioned his daughter and was about to cry. That’s when everybody knew that he was serious about his changes in his life.
— Daniel Drumgo, Student, Lincoln University
Dr. Heiber’s message last week really touched me; because much like him, I had the lady I love taken away from me. My dad was never in my life and at the age of 13 my mom was falsely accused of murder and is now serving a life sentence. However, I didn’t end up in the streets like my brothers. I knew I had to stand tall when things got rough and they still are, but I will not give up. Even though I still owe money from last semester and owe money this semester I still manage to stay in school and strive for nothing but excellence. With his encouraging words, I will continue looking for my purpose while showing my full potential.
— Ty'Orrin Collins, Student, Savannah State University
We appreciate you taking the time to speak with our ninth grade class. We believe that your personal life story resonated with our students and believe that your candid approach will foster positive relationships and trust with the students.
— Tracey D. Wright, 9th Grade Team Leader, John F. Kennedy High School
I think that his presentation was touching and he allowed others to see that anything can happen. It impacted me generally because I have experienced some of his troubles. I will definitely recommend him to many people. WONDERFUL!!!
— Shidea Archie, Student, Lincoln University
You are amazing! When you spoke to us last month during convocation it really made me think about my reasons for being here in college. Before convocation that morning I would have said my purpose for being here is to obtain a degree and get a career so that I could have a lot of money and be considered successful. Now I realize that I am not here for myself. Taniyia Kennebrew is the reason why I am in college. I feel obligated to show her how imperative it is to have a college education among other things. My little sister is the force behind many things that I do and without her in my life I probably would not work as hard as I do. Thank you for coming back and sharing your story with us.
— Tamika Arnold, Student, Lincoln University
Dr. Heiber, Your presentation spoke to me the other day. The reasoning for choosing a career has a lot more to do with than just money. I strove to be a doctor for a long time. Recently I’ve realized that would not be the right career for me. Even though the paycheck would be large, the happiness would not be there. As our professor said on Monday, money is only a little piece of happiness. If you have a high paying job, all the money you make will not be equivalent to being happy.
— Kevin Cicali, Student, Lincoln University
It impacted me by persuading me that no matter what you been through in life or what stopped you to slow down, you can always become a better person. His words were very important and he just made me want to push even harder and reach my dreams.
— Ashanee Barton, Student, Lincoln University
Dear Dr. Heiber, Your presentation had a huge impact on me. When I was growing up my parents always said that I should have a career in something that I love. My parents always encouraged me to do my best. I always wanted to become a doctor, because I know that they make a lot of money. I wanted to become a doctor for the wrong reasons. I should want to study something that interests me. And when we had to fill out the paper about what we are good at in life, I noticed I was studying the wrong thing. So now I changed my major so I will be able to focus on something I love rather than focusing on the money a career I dislike may give me.
— Monica Haywood, Student, Lincoln University
In my opinion Dr. David Heiber was a powerful speaker. In his story he was able to show me that your past does not determine your further. He also touched on the fact that he was not on his journey alone he had people to help and guided him along the way. He also made the point that you are accountable for your learning, your professor and your parents are not, you are. He spoke on purpose. What is your purpose in life? I am not sure that I know my purpose yet, but I plan on finding out what it is. Your purpose to me is what God put you on this earth to do. He also spoke on preparing yourself. What are you doing to prepare yourself to compete with the rest of the world? The world is competitive and you have to put in the time to be the best. I really thought he was amazing speaker who made many valid points.
— Yeside Shobowale-Benson, Student, Lincoln University